Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Opportunities and You

“Be careful how you act; these are difficult days…..make the most of every opportunity”

God, the creator, gives every human being on the planet opportunities to fulfill his/her destiny. Everyman is, in embryo, a possible hero. All that is needed is the opportunity and time for development.

Opportunity is a favourable time, chance, occasion or set of circumstances for doing something. It is taking full advantage of a situation or circumstance to achieve a goal. One other interesting definition of opportunity is this – It is the preference of what can be done to what should be done.

The difference between the poor and the rich, between a success and a failure is how they manage opportunities that come their way. It is called OPM – Opportunity Management Skills. In this session, permit me to share with you how you can improve your opportunity management skills

1. Watch out for opportunities

There is something interesting about opportunities. They are everywhere! They are all around you. Watch out for them. Infact, every problem presents an opportunity for a solution. In other words, there are more opportunities than are problems! Opportunities mostly come disguised as problems. The problem of electricity was Faraday’s opportunity. The problem of nuclear energy was Albert Einstein’s opportunity. The list is endless. Look around for problems around you and see them as opportunities for greatness. Recognizing opportunities is sure the beginning of making the best of them. Most times, opportunities wear an overall labeled “WORK”

2. Go for Opportunities

Success is not just how many opportunities that comes your way. It is dependent on the number of opportunities well utilized. Explore every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t just wish for opportunities, work it!

3. Respect Opportunities

A lot of times, people despise small things. They disrespect certain opportunities to their own perils. Never you underestimate an opportunity, no matter how small it may look. Give every opportunity your best shot! I have discovered that one opportunity well utilized, will give birth to at least one other. Opportunities are like chain reactions linked to each other. If you disrespect a seemingly small opportunity, you may be eating up your destiny for lunch

4. Prepare for Opportunities

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. The reason why many people remain where they are is that when opportunities appear, they are not prepared for it. Listen. If you are trying to be ready when you are supposed to be ready, you are already late! It is better to be prepared and not have any opportunity, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. Men of purpose always prepare for opportunities. They cannot afford to waste time, because to them, even time is an opportunity. How prepared are you for your opportunity?

There is a principle I call the P6 theorem. Proper Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. When you fail to prepare for your opportunities, then be prepared to fail! It’s that simple.

I like the way a wise man puts it. He said “the secret of success is to be ready for opportunities when they come”.

If you use these principles, I am sure you will improve your Opportunity Management Skill and will be a better individual.

You are a miracle. Go and happen!


Anonymous said...

This is really inspiring!

most said...

Well said sir. In my opinion, one of the greatest tragedies is having opportunity staring at you in the face and not being ready for it! May we all be ready for our opportunities when they come

bridget said...

very well said, its good we learn to prepare for & totally utilise opportunities that come our way., inspiring write-up on a very important life-topic. well done sir

muyiwa said...


This is really nice. I am sure i will make better use of opportunities after going through this article

muyiwa said...


This is really nice. I am sure i will make better use of opportunities after going through this article

Anonymous said...

i think this is where most young men of our time miss it - preparation. Like you said, it is better to be prepared and not have opportunities than have opportunities and not be prepared. We should take this very seriously. Joseph, in the Bible, became a prime minister in another country, because he prepared for his opportunity. It took years for the opportunity to come, but he lived a prepared life. No wonder, when his opportunity came, he grabbed it with both hands. Opportunities does not come with much announcements. Be ready. Live ready.


Anonymous said...

Egbon Tope,

Really enjoiyng reading artilces on your blog. The one on opportunities is really nice. Thanks


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