Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New You!

I am sure someone thinks I made a typo with the above topic. No I didn’t. I think it’s too early in the year to do that. I know the normal thing to do today is to wish you a Happy New Year. Rather, I am wishing you a Happy New You. I am sure you want to know why. I will tell you.

A few hours ago, there were wide spread celebrations, fireworks and fun fare all over the world as we count down to the year 2007. From Sydney to Hong Kong, from London to Rio De Jenerio, from America to Africa, there were several fire works. In central London alone, more than 350,000 people witnessed the fireworks that ushered in the New Year, while about 1 million people witnessed same at the Times Square in America. It was, to say the least, breathtaking. It occurred to me however that exactly the same things were done last year, to usher in 2006. It has become a tradition all over the world and I am not about to break that (not that I could even if I tried!).

Let me state categerogically here, and without playing with words, that there can be no Happy New Year without a Happy New You. A wise man once defined insanity. In his words “The greatest definition of Insanity is doing the same things in the same way and expecting a different result”. In other words, the New Year will be nothing special if nothing about you changes. Believe me. After the euphoria of the New Year celebrations, what happens next? I can predict that if I know what is happening to you. If you are going to be the exact person you were last year, then, expect nothing significant to change!

There would be world wide changes in a lot of ways in 2007. World economy, global politics, weather conditions, amongst others, will not be the same. This will obviously have its effects on everyone. However, they will not be the major change that will happen in our lives. The greatest difference that will be in this year will be changed people! I remember a story I read some years back (you should know I tell a lot of stories by now). It was about a man in his early 20’s that wanted to change the whole world. He was praying and trusting God to be able to change the whole world. When he was 40, he discovered he has not done much and then changed his prayers. “Lord, help me to change my immediate environment, my family, friends and nation”. At 60, he discovered that he has still not done much, so he changed his prayers yet again. “Lord, help me to change myself”. That should have been his first prayer. If you are the same person that you are last year in the year 2007, then I have bad news for you- nothing much will change for you.

In 2007, you need to make conscious efforts to be a new you. You need to repackage yourself. You need to improve your skills. You need to take new responsibilities. You need to develop that gift. You need to generally improve on yourself. You need to have a brand new “you”. It is only then that you can pray and believe God for a Happy New Year.

It’s a year of great opportunities. May your eyes be open to those opportunities.

Once again, Happy New You! Happy New Year!!


Fola said...

We do really need to make conscious efforts for a newer us. It just kinda affects everything else.


most said...

Great thoughts! We all need to look inwards before we look outwards.

aduro said...

My mind is made up. I am going to be a better person this year.

Thanks for this wonderful insight

Anonymous said...

Pastor T., you never seize to amaze me with your wonderful write up's. Pls can you send me your phone number again? We need to talk


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. You will surely see a new me this year


Adeolu Akinyemi said...

Yesooo... welcome to a new improved me!

You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!