Monday, December 18, 2006

The Power Of Your Choice

I woke up at 4.00 a.m as usual today and was still feeling very sleepy and tired (I’ve had a long but eventful week so far…because I decided to, earlier in the week). I had a choice to make. I could either go back to bed and get some more rest or get up and meet up with the commitment of putting this write up together. You know what my choice was.

Now, that looks simple. If you consider it very well, you will find out that life is about making choices. Where you are today is a product of the choices you made yesterday (whether consciously or unconsciously), and where you will be tomorrow will be a reflection of the choices you are making right now. There is tremendous power in your choice.

I have discovered that success in life is not a gift. It doesn’t just fall on people like ripe pawpaw! It is a choice that you have to make. You are a direct product of your choices. You are going to live tomorrow with the consequences of today’s choices. . The choices we make today will colour the spectrum of our life in the future. It is futile to squander today and hope for a generous tomorrow. Everything that happens in your life-both what you are thrilled with and what you are challenged by-began with a choice.

An average person makes about 350 choices in a day. However, in prison, inmates are restricted to only 8 decisions daily! That is nature’s way of punishing them for the wrong decisions and choices that brought them there. Isn’t that interesting? They are not been trusted again because of wrong choices they once made.

What choice(s) are you going to make today? Take a break and think about those choices. How will they affect you later today or later in future? Don’t make wrong choices that will affect you permanently because of circumstances that are only temporal.

In a world of many choices, amidst the call of many voices, make sure you make the right choice! Note also, that choices you make, do not only affect you in this world. They affect you in the world to come. Choose right!

Henry David Thoreau sums it up well when he said “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a man to elevate his life by a conscious endevour”

You will succeed!


mantessy said...

the blogspot is wonderful,with inspirational write-ups, should be like daily. The power of choice gives another view to life. I sholu look up this blog daily for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I also believe we need to remind ourselves of this truth regularly, it kinda instills caution in us not to take such opportunities lightly, especially for those that never repeat themselves.


Tokunbo said...

Thanks for this.very deep.I say thanks.

You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!