Friday, December 8, 2006

An Enemy Called Average

Have you read (at least come across) John Mason’s best seller “An enemy called Average”? If you have not, I recommend you get a copy.

I woke up early as usual today to start my day. As I was meditating while taking my bath, I was looking at the kind of results I was delivering in a certain aspect of my life. They were quite okay. At least, they were better than the last few years. However, it stuck me that the results were just a little above average. When those results were really bad, it was easier to move them up in the right direction. Now, it has sort of flattened out and progress has been slow. Then, the message became clear. The greatest enemy of the “good” is not “bad”. It is fairly good! The greatest enemy of “excellent” is not “fair”, it is “very good”. If you want to improve the results in your life – personally, professionally, financially, then, you’ve got to be overcome this enemy called average

Everyone in life will have either of two things – Reasons or Results. Note that reasons don’t count. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you will have one of them. Most people I know have reasons. They can give you a thousand and one reasons why they are behind on their goals and dreams. They can give you all the excuses in the world – background, environment, nationality, physical disabilities, harsh conditions, difficulty bosses and all you can think off. The sad thing though is that reasons don’t count. Reasons have never got anyone promoted. Reasons will not put food on your table or money in your pocket. Only results do! So, whatever happens, you must make a commitment to get results. You must make a commitment to get past average and be the best you can.

I encourage you to celebrate little success but please do not get complacent. There is always something better on the other side. Stretch yourself to the limit. Raise the bar!

I remember (though faintly) the story of an American athlete I read some years back. He competed in an indoor high jump tournament and had his eye on breaking the world records for both the indoor and outdoor. It was indeed a tall dream. After several trials, he had a last go at the indoor record. The whole stadium watched as he got set for this moment. One, two, three …….and up he leapt. The whole stadium rose up in applause as he broke the world indoor records. He had achieved no mean feat. He had become the whole recorded holder. However, this athlete would not be satisfied. He asked for the bars to be raised. He decided to have a go at the outdoor record. Friends, he made it in one go! In one single day, he claimed both records because he refused to settle for average. Only the best was enough.

Do not settle for less than the best. Only the best is good enough for you.

Have a nice weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Excuses are the trademarks of mediocres. You have no reason to fail.

Pastor T, thanks for reminding me us jare


You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!