Monday, December 11, 2006

How do you see it?

The story is told of an organization out West that offered a bounty of $5000 for each Wolf captured alive. Sam and Jed decided that this was a great deal. They saw a tremendous opportunity to strike it rich, just as their prospecting ancestors of old had done. They outfitted themselves for the challenge and then hiked into the area. For weeks, they spent day and night scouring the mountains and forest in search of their valuable prey.

Late one night, exhausted, they fell asleep and began to dream of their potential fortune. Sam suddenly awoke with a start, and rubbed his eyes. He wasn’t entirely sure if he was awake or dreaming, but then suddenly realized that, indeed, he as awake! At the edges of the firelight cast from their campfire, he saw that he and Jed were surrounded by about fifty wolves – each with flaming eyes and bared teeth.

He nudged his friend to awaken him, crying, “Jed, wake up! We’re rich!”

Isn’t that interesting? There were wolves surrounding them. These wolves were potential riches as much as they were potential killers. They chose to see them as riches. My question to you today is, “How do you see it”. Do you see stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Do you see problems or opportunities? Many people think success comes on a platter of gold. From my experience, and what I have learned and read, success comes disguised…..sometimes as problems, sometimes as work! How do you see it?

I am tempted to tell you another story I read to drive home my point. Two marketers were sent by a shoe company to market the product somewhere in India. Two of them sent messages back home. One wrote. “No business here. People don’t wear shoes.” The other wrote “Big business here. People don’t wear shoes.” Same situation. Same circumstances. Different ways of seeing it. The situation – The people do not wear shoes. While one saw a difficulty, the other saw it as an opportunity. He must have said to himself “Wow. If I can just get each of them to buy a pair! There is no competition here whatsoever!” How do you see it?

I know you are presently facing some challenges. I know. You can turn that into a success story. Yes, you can. To be candid, there are no big secrets to success. It is just turning your opportunities to breakthroughs.

You will succeed!


aduro said...

This is a wonderful gift of God to this generation. Infact it is a food for the soul hidden on the the internet. this generationn needs more of this to enlighten our eyes of understanding towards God's mind. Indeed it the mind of God for me at this moment, and I am looking up for more spirit lifting messages from God through you.
I pray that GOD will keep the light burning in you to show us more of the word of GOD per time, and HE will bless your ministy far above your comprehension in JESUS NAME.


Anonymous said...

If you see better, you will shine brighter! May we not miss divine opportunities disguised as problems.


You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!