Sunday, September 16, 2007

Principles Of A Fulfilled Life

Fulfilled. What a word! Two simple syllable and yet to elusive to our frazzled and restless hearts. Who among you haven’t yearned for something even faintly resembling fulfillment in our frantic demanding “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” world?

Fulfilled is a great word. The only issue is finding it. You can find several definitions in the dictionary but do you have it in your everyday life? I am sure several people will offer anything in order to have a fulfilled life. Wouldn’t you?

Can I share with you some principles for a fulfilled life? These are principles I got from reading books and listening to tapes, and they’ve helped in a lot in my search for satisfaction and fulfillment

Count Your Blessings

Have you read the article of “Count Your Blessings, Don’t Discount them”? If not, I recommend you take time to read it. Fulfillment has eluded most of us because we have not learnt to be grateful for the little things around us. “But godliness with contentment is great gain” opined a wise writer. Never take things for granted. Be grateful for the things you have and can afford.

Find Joy In The Ordinary

Eternal instants and moments. We’ve all witnessed them though we let them go without finding joy in it. Putting your arms in your husbands’ as you take an evening stroll. Listening to your 6 year old thank God for everything from goldfish to grandma. Never you underestimate the ordinary. They are laden with greatness.

Finish The Race

We live in a world that is only crazy about winning, not about finishing. You don’t have to win always. But you have to finish. Hang in there. Finish. Stick to it until it is done. But unfortunately, very few of us do that. Our human tendency is to stop before we cross the finish line. Our inability to finish what we start is seen in the smallest of things - A partly mowed lawn; a half-read book; letters begun but never completed; an abandoned diet.

Are you close to quitting? Please don’t do it. Are you discouraged as a parent?
Hang in there. Are you weary with doing good? Do just a little more. Are you
pessimistic about your job? Roll up your sleeves and go at it again. No communication
in your marriage? Give it one more shot. Can’t resist temptation? Accept God’s
forgiveness and go one more round. Is your day framed with sorrow and disappointment? Are your tomorrows turning into nevers? Is hope a forgotten word?

Remember, a finisher is not one with no wounds or weariness. Quite to the
contrary, he, like the boxer, is scarred and bloody. He finishes what he starts. He finishes strong. I strongly recommend you read the book “Finishing Strong” by Steve Farrar. I have personally read it more than thrice!

Stay Positive

A positive attitude in invaluable in today’s world. There are a thousand and one things that will not happen the way you want it to happen every single day. How you respond or react to them will go a long way in determining whether you will be fulfilled or frustrated. It is not what happens to you that determined your fulfillment. It is what happens in you, as a result of what happened to you!

All things being equal, having a positive attitude wins. All things not being equal, attitude still sometimes win. I have found out that things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.

Finally, God wants us to live a fulfilled life. Do you know any other principle that can help? If yes, please share.

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Fola' said...

Encouraging piece. I like the one on trying to find joy in the ordinary especially since we tend mostly to take for granted those "ordinary". I'll try to not only find joy but be thankful for them.

Anonymous said...

Fulfilment can only be found in God. Nothing else satisfies. Money? Sex? Wine? Power? Position? They leave you more miserable.

Great thoughts sir.

Anonymous said...

This article is so pregnant with revelations,im blessed.I love to finish well and strong.
“But godliness with contentment is great gain” This is a strong word.
More grace sir.


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