Sunday, August 26, 2007

Financial Independence - Your Mind or The Bank?

The last two months has been interesting for me as a person. Infact, it has not only being interesting but also mind blowing! I have witnessed a major change in my mind, concerning finance and money matters, that all I see now is possibilities. I have since realized that it doesn’t take time to change a man’s financial status. It takes the right information.

I have come in contact with vital information in the last couple of weeks that is changing my financial situation for the better. In all honesty, I thought I wasn’t doing badly in my finances even before now. I work for a multinational. I earn a fairly good salary (I hope my boss will not read this and delay my salary increase). I have a couple of investments here and there and they are not doing badly. I had plans to make more investments in the nearest future and had been saving for it. So, in my own opinion, I will gain the financial independence I have been craving for in the next 5-10 years. However, with what I have learnt in the last couple of weeks, it will be a crime against progress if I am not financially liberated in the next few months.

While talking to my friend Adeolu Akinyemi yesterday, I told him I had written a short testimony that I will post before the year runs out. It will have this sentence within it “I have made more money in the last 6 months than I have made earning salaries in the last couple of year”. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I am looking forward to that post.

Wait a minute. I am sure you will like to know what I know. It’s not anything new. It’s the power of information. Information is the hub on which every outstanding achievement rides on. Vision without the right information to match will lead to frustration! I remember when I was growing up. I attended a conference where we were been asked to confess financial success. The speaker asked us to write down our financial goals and even put a figure behind it. I wrote the figure “1”with several zeros behind it. Don’t ask me what happened thereafter. I only made that kind of money on paper! I didn’t have the right information then how to transfer the figure on paper to a “spendable” reality. Many people still live in such realms.

It is not difficult to make money. It was much easier for me to make a million naira in a week that it was for me believing that it could be done. Yes, it was. Let me share a powerful truth with you. Financial liberation is not in economic policies. It is not in bank consolidation. It is not in salary increases. It stars with your….thinking! Your mind is the greatest key that will unlock your financial resources. A wise man once said “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” A man cannot be richer than he is in his mind! Powerful.

The place to start amassing wealth therefore is in your mind. What thoughts about money do you harbour in your mind? Several years ago, while I was growing up, I was taking a stroll one day with a friend. A very nice jeep passed by us. Immediately, my friend hissed and said “Ole” (meaning thief). In his mind, only thieves and armed robbers ride such nice cars! No wonder he has not bought any till date. In my mind, even before he spoke, I said “Wow. What a nice car. This is the kind of car we will soon be driving”. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Notice the use of the present tense here. It didn’t say “so he will be”. Your life will automatically move in the direction of your greatest thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your habits.
Your habits determine your character. Your character gives birth to your destiny or your destination.

I believe strongly that God is raising a generation of people who will propagate his kingdom business with their wealth. I want to be part of this people. Do you?


Fola' said...

Yels o!! Information is key, that's the edge anyday, we just need to keep our eyes open, our ears open and our bodies in the right places, so good info doesn't pass us by.


Anonymous said...

Information is certainly the key to transformation. If you are not informed, you will be deformed

Anonymous said...


Why do you guys now place so much emphasis on finance, money, prosperity etc? I guess you have the impression that success is measured by riches?

AIM said...

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your comment.

I am not sure you visit this blog regularly. If you do, you will notice that i only write about money and finance matters once in a while. I guess you visited on a day i wrote about money. I urge you to read some other posts.

Anyways, i do not have the impression that sucess is measured by riches. Far from it. In my books, success is not a matter of your possession but of your position with God. I wish i had more time to explain that to you.Sucess is far more than amasing money. It's all about fulfilling your God given purpose

The point here success is part of God's plan for his people and we should key into that. It's available and we need to make the best of it.

Stay on top, friend.

otentik said...

Good job Pst T. Information is key; but then it has to be corret information. Wrong information could just be as damaging or even more damaging than ignorance. Also, we should learn to act on good information when we get one. I delayed acting on a very vital information for just a few weeks and i paid for it with a longer time than i waited to act. If you believe it, say it, but it`s not just enough to say it, you must act it. Remember faith is a verb - an action. Put faith, i mean action to the information you have. - Tolu Otemuyiwa

Anonymous said...

its a nice one.being rich is okay however a millionaire is not known by having one million in an account but investing millions for impovement of people and the society.

Anonymous said...

danpet is saying you are doing a very good job.may God increase you and bless you as you make time to be a blessing to others.we expect article for this month please.

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