Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Does The New Year Hold ?

Celebrations are taking place all over the world to mark the beginning of another year. We dealt with the old (2008) and took hold of the new (2009). From Sydney to Hong Kong, from London to Rio De Jenerio, from America to Africa, fireworks hit the midnight sky as the clock tickled past midnight. Some 400,000 people braved freezing temperatures in London for a fireworks display beside the Thames. In New York almost a million people packed a freezing Times Square as the famous Waterford crystal ball descended to cheers at midnight. It was, to say the least, breathtaking.

The year 2008 was a different year in many respects. America witnessed the election of the 1st black President, after several months of political maneuverings. We were told that the earth’s rotation in 2008 was also somewhat slower; hence one leap second was added to the clocks worldwide as the year drew to a close. Not only did the earth’s rotation slowed down, global economies were at an all time low. It is almost unbelievable how many established companies is either folding up or downsizing. Those who are not are running to the government for help. The stock exchange is not spared for this troubled times. Stock market in tumbling at an alarming rate. I mean some people practically lost all their retirement benefits to this fact. A barrel of oil that was sold for $147 in July is not sold for less than $40. Can you imagine what that means to the economies that are solely dependent on oil (like my dear country, Nigeria)?

A barrel of oil that was sold for $147 in July is not sold for less than $40.

The truth is that most people entered the New Year with lots of caution and pessimism. Unlike the promises that the New Year brings, this year promises tougher economic crises, tougher financial situations and a lot of uncertainties. Listen to speeches from leaders around the world, and the message can be summarized – The year 2009 won’t be an easy year. We will have to find new ways to solve the world’s overwhelming economic crisis. What then does 2009 hold for us?

All hope is definitely not lost. I believe strongly that one can thrive well even in the midst all these clouds. During the all night service I attended at Daystar Christian Centre to mark the New Year, the Pastor of the church, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, gave some keys to ride on the winds of the Season of Change that we are experiencing all over the world. May I share some of these points with you?

Put Your Trust In God –

The truth is that even our leaders are sort of confused about the economic situation of the world. They know we won’t pull put of it fast. The only one who has the solution at the tip of his fingers in the Leader of all leaders. You had better put your trust in him. The arm of flesh will fail. Formerly proven ideas and methods won’t work. Only God inspired ideas will thrive in the year 2009. Wouldn’t you rather bank on the one whose capacity to fail is zero? I will!

Formerly proven ideas and methods won’t work. Only God inspired ideas will thrive in the year 2009

Build Your Life On Scriptural Principles

Methods changes with time. Principles don’t. Whatever goes up must come down. That’s the principle of gravity. Principles have no respect for economic situations. They have no respect for location. They are universal laws that hold through, no matter what. In the year 2009, we need to build our lives on principles and not methods. As change occurs, we adjust our methods, but not the principles.

Act In Faith

Whenever there is a global recession, it always comes with a redistribution of wealth. Position yourself in faith to be on the receiving side of the redistribution. Step out in faith and take positive actions. Do not sit down with your hands folded, waiting for government to effect changes. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Yes, it’s going to be a tough year and it will take tough people, not only to survive, but to also succeed.

Pursue the Expansion of God’s Kingdom with a Passion

When you mind God’s kingdom, then he will appoint to you a kingdom. The purpose of this coming wealth transfer /redistribution is to promote God’s kingdom. It’s not just to make our bank account fatter or for show off. It is to propagate His course on earth. If you will not mind God’s business then do not expect Him to mind yours. What kingdom activity will you be involved in this year? This is what will compel God to act on your behalf.

If you will not mind God’s business then do not expect Him to mind yours.

Maintain Your Joy

Sometimes, things will not go exactly the way you have planned it to go. As such times, you need to keep your joy. “The Joy of the Lord is your strength”. If you lose your joy, then you have lost your strength. In high and low times, keep your joy. Even when you are behind on your dreams and on your bill, rejoice in the Lord your God! “Although the fig tree may not blossom, neither shall fruits be in the vines…..yet, I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation”.

Here is wishing you a splendid year ahead. You deserve one!

Happy New Year.


empower yourself said...

Happy New year! Pastor T

thanks for sharing this truths with us. i am sure moving t the receiving side of the redistribution. hope to read more frm you this year.

Oluyemi Adeosun

moses said...

Pastor Tea,

Everywhere i turn i hear words similar to what you just said and since i began acting, its been great. My two major keys for this year are spiritual development and kingdom investment, and really you just highlighted them again. thanks a million God bless you.

Moses Adelowokan (UK)

You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!