Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5 Questions You Must Answer Before You Die!

Despite my busy schedule over the weekend, I had some time to go through one of my old diaries. I learnt the habit of putting down my thoughts on paper right from high school. The particular diary in question happens to be the one I used in the year 2001, 6 years ago. I was amazed to see how time flies and how much things have changed for me. Of a truth, the dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow.

Let me share with you one of my major goals for that year as written in my diary. I had a goal of giving a offering of not less than N20/service! To be honest, it was really a sacrificial goal at that time. I mean, it would have been a great year if I could give God an offering of N20 in every service I attended! I was partly laughing and partly close to tears when I read this particular line on my 2001 goal list. Isn’t it amazing? Without, mincing words, I am sure that giving an average of anything less than 25 times this in any service I attend will be questionable. And only 6 years have passed. Just 6 years.

I remember also that while on campus then, I declared my dreams openly to the amazement of many. I had no physical things to rely on – I mean I was from a poor family with a rather tough background and practically sponsored myself through school. I didn’t know too many people and thought also that I didn’t have the right connections. I was obviously at a disadvantage. However, I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as an opportunity to shine brighter. I used to tell myself that “the greater the darkness, the brighter the glory of light”. How true that proved to be. One day, while speaking to a set of student, I declared aloud “My first salary will be 6 digits!” I remember the stunning look on people’s faces when I said that. It was almost unimaginable. It was a dream that I had, had written down and was ready to run with. Ladies and gentlemen, my first salary was indeed 6 digits! Dream well and dream big! It doesn’t cost a dime!

Oh…I wasn’t planning to dwell much on my dreams 6 years ago. I just wanted to share briefly on a thought I wrote in that diary at about the same time. The title on it was “5 Questions you must answer before you die”. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know those questions? Your answers to these questions are very vital. They will determine what will become of your life here, and hereafter. Your answer to these questions will determine if you will die fulfilled or it; if you’ll die happy or sad;

What are these Questions?

Who Am I? (The Question of Identity).

This is perhaps one of the most important questions you’ll ever have to answer. Who are you? Do you have an identity? What is your identity? Statistics has it that about 99% of the world population has identity crisis. We don’t seem to know who we are. The tall wants to be shorter and the short wants to be taller. The fat wants to be slimmer and the slim wants to be fatter. The old wants to be young again and the young wants to get older. It’s like a never ending cycle.

Where Am I From? (The Question of Source).

“He that is from above is above all”

Your source determines the resources available to you.

Why Am I Here? (The Question of Purpose)

Do you know why you are here? When purpose is not understood, abuse is inevitable. You need to understand the purpose for your existence. You are not a product of accident. You were made for a purpose and you need to understand what that purpose is. You first discover it, then develop it and then deplore it for the benefit of the human race.

What Can I Do? (The Question of Potential)

This is a very important question. What special skills and talents have you got? What can you do with your hands or head to fulfil your purpose? This is what separates you from the crowd. It gives you an edge over your peers. You’ll never become successful until you recognize the special abilities and skills that you have and invest them in solving other people’s problems

Where Am I Going? (The Question of Destiny)

In my opinion, this is one of the most important questions that is often neglected by people until they realize they are at the very end of their lives. Then however, it is almost too late. After all said and done, where will you end it all? After getting the money, riding that nice car, going for that vacation and all, what eventually becomes of you? I like the way a wise man puts it “It makes foolish business sense to gain the whole world and loose you own soul”.

Some day through this medium, I hope to deal with each of these questions in greater details. However, ponder on them seriously for the moment.

Stay on top!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. These are indeed very serious questions we all need to answer.

adeola said...

This is really nice and insightful. However, i don't quite understand the 2nd Question (Where are you from?) very well. Can you please explain a little better?

stanley said...

It's been a while since i came online. Today, i read quite a number of the articles you've written in the last few weeks...and i can't help but "beat" myself up for reading them this late! Oh how much i have missed!

I particularly like the one on excuses. It hit me hard

Thanks always

Anonymous said...

Tope , you are doing a great job. God bless you.
that site issue is still on if i must tell you.
but i am blogging with a little difficult on it.Regards to your family

Fola' said...

Very deep questions indeed, the earlier we have the answers the better. Especially since it helps to live a more fulfilling life.

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Anonymous said...

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