Friday, February 9, 2007

The Greatest Of All Investments - Part II

What's the most profitable investment you can make?

Some people would tell you it's the stock market. Other people would point to mutual funds, precious metals or municipal bonds. Make no mistake, all those investments can offer you a great payback. But there is another investment that promises far greater rewards. I am talking about investing in yourself. Dollar for dollar, investing in yourself promises vastly greater benefits than any other investment you can name.

When you invest in a savings account, you can draw on that account when necessary. Knowing the money is there provides a sense of confidence and security. It's just as important to invest in yourself, so that the resources are there to draw on when necessary.

The best money hedge or inflation hedge is not gold, real estate or stocks. It's investing in yourself. So, my question to you is this – what will you do today, and the day after, to invest in yourself and in your future?

I started sharing with you some thoughts on why and how you can invest in yourself the last time I posted on this blog. Permit me to continue from where I stopped.

5. You Can Achieve Your Goals

Investing in yourself dramatically increases the probability of achieving your goals and is a real demonstration of your commitment to achieving them. When you invest in yourself by improving your skills for example,or taking a certification course, you at least double your chances of meeting and exceeding your goals.

6. You Create Your Own Future

Your career and future is yours to mold. Investing in yourself gives you the clarity, power and tools to create your own future and take the path less traveled. Sometimes, investing means taking a risk, but that's the price of entry for success and happiness. When you consciously invest in yourself and in your skills, you are better prepared for the future.

7. The World Is a Complex Place

Life is complex and you’ve got to be wise. You cannot know everything you need to know or do everything you need to do alone. You can't be your best without help. Find and invest in those who can teach you, show you the way and help you achieve your goals.

8. Life Is Too Short for Mediocrity

You don't have the luxury of being mediocre -- period. Or do you? Whether you opt for self-improvement or outsourcing your weak areas to someone who can do them better, determine where you are mediocre and get help. And do it quickly! Time flies away fast. You had better be it’s pilot!

9. It's a Cliché, But on Your Deathbed...

The reason we hear this often is that it is so true. The passage of time will provide a perspective we don't have now. One day, you'll look back at your problems and successes and see them as bumps in the road. Your focus will be on the big picture: the life you led, opportunities pursued or abandoned, how happy you were, and the legacy you left behind. Investing in yourself will give you the courage and determination to be happy and do your own thing.

10. Who Else Can You Count On?

Let's face it: You're alone on this. No one has as much to gain or lose as you do. No one else is going to make those consistent investments in your development to maximize your career and life. Others can surely help, but definitely not as much as you. You need to lead this move to better your life and your career. Who else can you count on?

Invest in understanding yourself better and developing your goals, plans, professional skills, knowledge, career management skills, networks, and your personal brand and profile. Do it yourself or pay experts to do it for you (try www.deoluakinyemi .com)

Try thinking, planning, self-assessment tools, goal development, reading, consulting experts, getting coached, taking courses, upgrading or acquiring skills, and proactively marketing yourself. Recognize that investing in yourself often requires that you don't play it safe.

See you at the top of the topmost top! That's where you belong! You are sure to meet me there!



Fola said...

I agree with you. It does prepare one for the futeure but at teh same time, one needs not play it too safe, lest not much would be done.

Nonso said...

It was clear ten pointers to success through investments through investment on oneself- The You inc.

adeola said...

i particularly like the last point -who else can you count on. That is completely true. While you may get help from others, when the chips are down, you are alone...with your skills and capability.

Another wonderful piece. More grease to you elbow!

Dipo said...

Thanks a lot once again for a wonderful piece. You Inc. is surely the best company one can invest in. I beleive that this investment is one which gives the ultimate satisfaction at the very end.

Dipo said...

just to add this if we look back over our lives we would realise that the successes and "failures" we have recorded are as a result of the various investments which we have made in You Inc. It would definately be worthwhile to watch what investments we are making in ourselves today.

most said...

The best company to work for is You Inc. You are the CEO of that company and only determine how much your income will be. You determine what profit/loss you will make.

ope alao said...

egbon tope, may i add that investing in oneself gives one a sense of satisfaction that is in itself gratifying. for me, it has become a top priority to work on my network of relationships and build my capacity as an individual

Anonymous said...

great stuff pastor tea. i really feel i have not been doing enought to invest in myself. i have resolved to pay more attention to this subject.once again, good one


You are destined for the top of the topmost top! See you there!!